Dr harnet

About me

Hi, I am Dr. Harnet Bokrezion, Africa Market Entry Strategist, Speaker & Author.

I have lived and worked in Great Britain, Eritrea, Sudan, and Germany, mostly as a Senior International Development Consultant for Africa where I worked in UN, EU, and Oxfam funded programs for 14 years. After having my two little children and getting increasingly frustrated with the mainstream approach of ‘helping Africa’, I decided in 2012 to shift from the traditional development context towards an emerging markets and business approach for Africa.

What I bring onto the table ?

In short: clarity, course, and context. And that will help you make decisions faster and more confidently, mitigate risk, and ultimately save you a lot of money.

Working with clients from the US, Germany, the UK, Poland, and various African countries, I quickly realized that the biggest hindrance for companies to move forward swiftly and confidently occurred long before they were struggling with challenges on the ground in Africa. I found that the biggest wall was the planning stage for Africa market entry or expansion. Have you chosen the right markets – and on what basis did you make these choices? How and where do you get started? How do you mitigate risk and position your company successfully? How do you prepare your management team?

As a result, many company executives have frankly made wrong decisions or (so far and too often) none at all. Both will always come at a loss both time and cost-wise. So yes, I have advised company leaders to abandon their early start-up efforts or approaches made so far and to start on a fresh canvas and we managed to turn things around.

I want to bring hands-on Africa market entry strategies into life that are aligned both with your company culture and goals and the realities on Africa’s ground. Doing business in Africa is simply different and while companies from other emerging markets seem to adapt somewhat faster, Western companies in particular will find an additional challenge in both formulating and implementing an Africa market entry strategy that is efficient and very importantly somewhat localized.

I work with ambitious and experienced company executives from across the globe – including from within Africa! – who need an extra brain and smart strategies when planning their market entry or expansion in Africa. I also continue to widely share my market insights and tips on publications such as Forbes Africa, Air France / KLM Africa Club, and the DHL sponsored howwemadeitinafrica.com and was honoured to be invited as a speaker at the European Union Development Days in Brussels, and as a panel moderator at the renowned annual Africa Business Conference of the Harvard Business School in Boston. I also co-wrote a book for entrepreneurs titled ‘101 Ways To Make Money In Africa’, which you can get on my book site or on Amazon.

Africa indeed is open for business and I mean it when I say: I am very excited about Africa’s future and about working with you! I would be very happy to hear from you and discuss your company’s goals in Africa. Just drop me an e-mail at info@drharnet.com

Dr. Harnet