Dr harnet

Africa Business Executive Training

In managing change, many businesses have unique challenges that are not easily solved. To enter new markets is a very complex undertaking and it can be challenging for your team to adapt to that and make decisions swiftly and confidently. Are you losing valuable time leveraging the competitive advantage of early movers because of that? Such special projects typically require complimentary talents by outside participants accustomed to delivering high performance. That’s exactly where I come in.

I train experienced and ambitious Executives and senior management in aspects around :

  • Rapid Africa market appraisal
  • Aligned market selection
  • Smart Africa market entry strategies
  • Risk assessment and local risk mitigation strategies
  • Reliable local partnership building
  • Strategic local positioning
  • Trade barriers
  • Price localization
  • Licensing, , Business Alliance, Joint ventures, Import-Export, Outsourcing
  • Marketing strategies
  • Growth strategies for increased success in Africa

I deliver Africa Business Executive Training sessions both in-house (on request) across the globe and as training events (public or by invitation) in Germany, the UK, and the USA.

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