Dr harnet

Market Entry Strategy and Expansion

Africa market entry and expansion is a complex undertaking for any company requiring a knowledge of the unique dynamics across Africa’s markets and then figuring out how to turn from a newcomer into a recognised and successful player in a new market.

You need a road map. A combination of market knowledge and plan of action with a local context.
As part of your extended team, I will design a tailor-made Africa Market Entry Strategy that aligns both with your company culture & objectives AND Africa’s realities on the ground – this way you will achieve your ambitious goals efficiently and in the shortest period of time.

I proudly distinguish myself as an Africa market strategist who sees beyond growth figures and statistics. In order to position yourself and win the market’s confidence your ideas and products need to come to life in an African market milieu. I will develop time-saving strategies with your firm to achieve that both at market entry or at early growth stage.

Africa market entry done the right way will allow for a future of great possibilities, growth, and superior performance. Your success is my conviction.

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